Established in 1995, AIS Environment is the first and longest independent environmental consultancy firm operating in Malta. AIS Environment provides a spectrum of environmental consultancy services suited to today’s stringent legal requirements.

The advancement of environmental legislation, complex technology, difficult regulatory requirements and growing public awareness makes it necessary to engage  professional support relating to environmental issues. AIS Environment has emerged as a leader in the sector and has years of experience in successfully handling complex and at times controversial, projects.

AIS Environment has for many years provided services to clients from all sectors and industries, including energy, waste, manufacturing industry, public authorities and transport. By bringing together experts in technical, economic, social, environmental and legislative matters, AIS Environment delivers a complete product to meet its clients’ project and business objectives.

AIS Environment has coordinated numerous environmental studies for a wide range of clients, including the Government of Malta, public agencies and the private industry.

Today, AIS Environment provides multi-disciplinary advice on matters relating to energy, waste management, transport, planning, infrastructure development and marine based projects. Having a vast portfolio of successfully delivered projects, AIS Environment is the ideal partner to assist you in for all your planning, permitting, development and other environmental issues.

AIS Environment is the leading environmental consultancy firm in Malta, maintaining a global outlook and multi-disciplinary perspective.
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AIS Environment Featured Projects
  • Marsa Junction Monitoring
    Marsa Junction Monitoring
    Environmental monitoring of Phase 3 of the Marsa Junction Project
  • Central Link
    Central Link
    AIS studied the environmental impacts of the controversial Central Link Project which involves the upgrade of the Ten-T road between Mriehel and Rabat ...
  • EPS Farsons Business Park
    EPS Farsons Business Park
    AIS Environment was entrusted with undertaking an EPS regarding the Farsons Business Park in Mrie─žel. The business park has since been approved by the ...
  • Waste to Energy
    Waste to Energy
    The assessment of waste-to-energy technologies, economic feasibility, site assessment and the applicability of a waste-to-energy facility in Malta wer ...
  • SEPEM - Phase 3 conversion - Safety Studies, Atex Report
    SEPEM - Phase 3 conversion - Safety Studies, Atex Report
    A hazard identification study and an explosive atmosphere study were prepared in relation to the fuel conversion pr ...
  • Sewage Treatment Plants
    Sewage Treatment Plants
    Environmental studies were carried out for the three proposed sewage treatment plants aiming at treating sewage before discharge.
  • Inland, Surface and Transitional Waters Baseline Surveys
    Inland, Surface and Transitional Waters Baseline Surveys
    AIS Environment carried out the first national baseline surveys for inland, surface and transitional waters across ...
  • Malta-Sicily Interconnector
    Malta-Sicily Interconnector
    The Interconnector required an Environmental Planning Statement, Construction Monitoring and Marine Environmental Monitoring.
  • Reconstruction and Widening of the Coast Road
    Reconstruction and Widening of the Coast Road
    Construction Monitoring and Ecological baseline surveys were carried out for the widening and upgrading of the Coast Road.
  • Windfarms at Hal Far, Wied Rini and Sikka l-Bajda
    Windfarms at Hal Far, Wied Rini and Sikka l-Bajda
    Environmental Impact Statements and Appropriate Assessments were carried out by AIS Environment for two onshore and one offshore windfarms in Malta.
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